Firth Park Club Old Pictures

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1930 - A Dinner Occasion upon winning the

Union Games Shield and Trophies




Bar Area - Date Unknown - At the top of the price list, I can just make out Brandy at 1/7d

(about 8p in today's dosh) Don't know if that's for a single or a double!

I zoomed in on the price list but all I could make out was Brandy & Whiskey. Not Sure, but I think Stones or whatever it says, I presume beer, is 11d, about 4.5p


Stairs to Concert Room - Date Unknown
War Memorial - Date Unknown

The New Bandits - Date Unknown

Snooker Break? Date Unknown - Maybe around Christmas time, they went to town in those days with decorations!

1964 - Outside the Club - The old swan neck light fitting above the entrance is made by Coughtrie of Glasgow and would be worth about 350.00 today...must look in the cellar


1875 Edward The Prince of Wales (Later King Edward V11) Official Opening of Firth Park


1875 Firth Park Clock Tower & Duck Pond


More to follow

If you recognise anyone or can put a date to any of the pics or have any old photos please contact us > and I'll put them on here